Coventry Development Corporation

Coventry DevelopmentCoventry Development Corporation is a privately managed strategic real estate development and asset management company established in 1962.

Coventry has expertise in methodically creating mixed-use urban communities, adhering to best practices in all aspects of land design and infrastructure, as well as residential and commercial vitality.

Many master-planned communities undo their vision by building too quickly, and changing their ‘mix’ to whatever product can sell right away. The end result is often too much residential or too much commercial, and a lack of vitality and desirable diversity. Coventry managed land assets are owned free of debt so there is no rush to build out. The communities can stay true to their vision and hold out for the best quality.

Each Coventry master planned community will evolve and grow carefully over the next 15 to 20+ years, with a long term commitment to walkability, livability, access, amenities and scale.

Building at the speed of need

Coventry’s four significant master planned assets are RidgeGate, in Lone Tree, Colorado, Springwoods Village and Baybrook, in Houston, Texas, and Hobe Grove, in Martin County, Florida.