Hobe Grove Location

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Hobe Grove was established in the early 1960s as a citrus orchard by Richard Becker.  Hobe Grove’s 2,800 acres is strategically located at an I-95 interchange, is adjacent to Florida’s Turnpike and is less than 30 minutes from Palm Beach International Airport.  The land was purchased by Midbrook 1st Realty Corporation, a Coventry Development Corporation managed asset, in 2011. Today, it remains agricultural land.

Hobe Grove presents a unique opportunity to create a true mixed use master planned community while enhancing the environment with public open space and the restoration of natural features.  The vision for the community includes a balanced mix of new jobs, a range of residential choices and shops/restaurants to create a walkable and self-contained community.

Hobe Grove

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Hobe Grove is one of the few large properties in Martin County and the Treasure Coast that combines a great location with highway access/visibility with the ability to finance and build its own infrastructure through the Hobe St Lucie Conservancy District (a 298 District) in which it is located.

All of these factors perfectly position Hobe Grove to attract a significant, state of the art employer seeking a planned community environment consistent with Coventry’s development strategy and its experience in its master planned communities in Colorado and Texas.

In addition the site would be able to accommodate the long term residential growth consistent with the planning requirements of Martin County's Comprehensive Plan.

Hobe Grove Map